Fiona Leard

“I strongly believe in the power of movement, breath and meditation to change the quality of your life.

As the founder of Beyond Fitness Australia it’s my intention to assist you to move better, feel amazing, and return to daily life with a renewed sense of wellbeing.”

Fiona Leard

Hi, I’m Fiona, an Exercise & Sports Scientist Fiona and former Registered Nurse, with Certifications in Yoga, Pilates and AntiGravity® Fitness.

I have always had a passion for health, wellness and enhancing human performance. I enjoy blending yoga, Pilates and AntiGravity® Fitness with the science of sport and exercise, to unlock the full potential of the mind and body, and assist students in fulfilling their life’s goals.

I now work one-to-one and with small groups of numerous clients including athletes, busy professionals and everyday people looking to increase fitness and vitality, or reduce pain and improve function in the body. I currently teach online Yoga classes and I like to challenge my students whilst having some fun.

I’ve worked with professional and elite athletes and sports teams since 2004 introducing yoga, Pilates and AntiGravity® to their training programs to boost athletic performance and prolong their competitive careers.

I’ve lectured Certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness, Diploma of Fitness, and Yoga Teacher Training programs in Australia for 10yrs, and I’m the AntiGravity® Instructor Trainer in Sydney teaching new instructors the Fundamentals of AntiGravity Teaching. I’m certified in Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga, and completed Yin training with Paul and Suzee Grilley.

I look forward to helping your achieve your dreams!
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40 Essential Soccer Stretches
This book gives you the yoga warm-up and cool-down routines used by players to enhance mobility, improve flexibility, and assist recovery after playing. The sequences are a simple and effective way to maintain your body and help you perform at your best. This must-have soccer-specific stretching book is suitable for all ages and fitness levels.