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Yoga in Sport Today

A dynamic Power Yoga sequence using ancient techniques or an AntiGravity Aerial Yoga session, combined with a scientific approach to moving your body, can improve your strength, stability and flexibility. Combined with a healing Yin or AntiGravity Restorative session you can boost recovery, reduce the risk of injury and prolong your playing career as an athlete.

Many athletes enjoy the benefits of a personal Yoga practice, including enhanced wellbeing and improved sports performance. Sports teams and athletes practising Yoga include basketballers, triathletes, runners, surfers, footballers, cricketers, tennis players, swimmers and rowers just to name a few.

Balance your Body

Reduce Fatigue and Recovery time
Certain postures are known for their calming effect on the nervous system. Relaxation allows the body's organs to rest and recuperate, improves digestion and absorption of nutrients, and reduces the harmful effects of stress hormones. A specific set of postures post competition or after heavy training can encourage repair within the body and facilitate the recovery process.

Release Tight Fascia and Increase Flexibility
Heavy training loads without adequate stretching can result in a loss of range of motion around joints as muscles become tight. This may result in a reduction in mechanical efficiency and cause muscular imbalances that reduce speed, power, balance and agility, and increase the risk of injury. Specific yoga postures improve flexibility by moving the body through a range of dynamic and static stretches that encourage a relaxation response in muscles and fascia, restoring joint range of movement.

Enhance Strength
Yoga poses require functional muscular effort. Integrated body movements are encouraged, including core control, as you lift your own body weight and move through the sequence. Improving strength through a full range of movement helps reduce the risk of injury. Core muscles and stabilizing muscles are recruited throughout the practice, providing a solid foundation on which to build further sport specific strength and power.

Improve Co-ordination, Balance and Agility
Co-ordination can be improved by maintaining contraction and relaxation of different muscle groups as the poses take you through all planes of movement. Yoga poses require integration of the whole body and draw on your balance skills. Co-ordination allows muscle groups in the body to relate to one another, and balance allows you to relate to your environment. Improved co-ordination enhances balance, and balance improves agility.

Free your Mind

The ability to create a stress free mind is a significant benefit of yoga practice. The physical practice is used as a tool to enhance breath control, which helps improve focus and concentration, allowing clarity of thought and clear decision making. A valuable tool in any sporting arena.

Mental practice in any sport will teach you how to gain control of your emotional states, so arousal levels and anxiety don’t impede your performance. 

Meditation is a mental practice proven to:

  • Reduce anxiety and stress 
  • Reduce cortisol levels and increase calming hormones
  • Improve cognitive function
  • Reduce blood pressure and heart rate
  • Increase immune function
  • These benefits combine to allow for better rest, sleep and recovery, as well as provide the ability to think more clearly under pressure.


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