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John Aloisi
Socceroos Legend & Head Coach of Brisbane Roar FC

"I first started yoga with Fiona when I was 32 years old. The cartilage in both my knees was shot, but I didn't feel I was ready to retire from playing football. I was trying everything to prolong my career. I have to admit I was a bit skeptical at first, but I had nothing to lose because my body felt terrible. I started seeing Fiona three times a week in the off-season, and after one month I felt my muscles releasing, my back wasn't hurting anymore, and there was less pressure on my knees. My core was also getting stronger, but the thing I really noticed was my head was clear after the session, and all the stresses of playing Pro Football weren't getting to me anymore".

"I moved to Melbourne Heart the following season and we also used yoga in our training program. I've felt that yoga has helped me play that little bit longer at a high level. It's made me more flexible and a lot stronger through the core and glutes, and also improved my balance. Now I've retired from playing, yoga is still an important part of my life".

Tony Popovic
Western Sydney Wanderers Coach and Former Socceroo

"I didn't realise how much yoga could help me as a player until I worked with Fiona. I'd tried yoga in the past, and thought it was only about flexibility. With Fiona, it made me generally stronger and better balanced. She understood the weaknesses I'd developed playing football and set a program that suited my needs. I'd never felt better, and my only regret is I didn't look into it earlier in my career.

When I was a coach at Sydney FC, I was pleased to have Fiona working with our squad on a weekly basis. She tailor made a program specific for footballers and this became a part of the teams weekly training. We saw improvements in all players and acknowledge that yoga played its part.

I have also seen the success of Fiona's individual programs with numerous players. Each individual footballer has different problem areas and her expertise helps create a program that strengthens the player and helps him perform better both physically and mentally on a more regular basis".

Ranko Despotovic
Professional Football Player

“AntiGravity® Yoga with Fiona is one of the best things I have tried. I have had many problems with my back in the past, and once I started seeing Fiona I found my pain and stiffness disappeared and it really helped me a lot. I think you should try it also”.



Daniel Petkovski
Professional Football Player

“I started doing AntiGravity® Yoga with Fiona during my 2013/2014 season with Sydney FC. I think it’s really beneficial and not only does it help me with my recovery after training and games, but it makes me feel a lot more relaxed when I’m running and really helps with my muscle stamina. I think it’s the best yoga I have tried and I’d encourage every one to do it”.

Terry McFlynn
Former Sydney FC Foundation Player and Captain / General Manager Player Welfare at Sydney FC

"Yoga has been fantastic for me. I have been taking 1-2 classes per week with Fiona, and after five years of practising I have really increased my flexibility and core strength, and dramatically decreased my soft tissue and muscle injury rate. It has also improved my range of movement and speed. Not only physically do I feel great, but also mentally. I feel that yoga is a perfect activity for me to escape the day to day stress of professional sport, and I'm a firm believer that I'm not fully prepared for match day unless I've had my yoga session prior to game day.

And more recently, since Fiona introduced me to AntiGravity® Yoga, it has enlightened my way of thinking and given me a whole new understanding of the human body. Through Fiona's expertise and educational nature she has tailored a specific routine for me, to maximise my performance on the weekend. Fiona not only makes the session specific to my needs, she also makes it a fun and educational experience. AntiGravity® Yoga is not only a great tool for me to increase & maintain my flexibility and core strength, it also aids with my recovery process. I have no doubt that through Fiona's expertise and education I have extended my career by a few years".

Clint Bolton
Former Professional Goalkeeper
Melbourne Heart Player of the Year: 2010-11
Sydney FC Player of the Year: 2005-06

"Fiona was an integral member in Sydney F.C.'s successful '09/'10 season. Her adaptation of yoga, pilates and deep stretching, directed specifically at the athlete, gave us, the players of Sydney F.C., the opportunity to maximize our recovery and help minimise injuries. This enabled us to consistently perform at our peak during games and at training.

Personally, I found Fiona's sessions to be an invaluable tool in staying injury free, flexible and strong. After starting with her, very quickly I noticed a strengthening, not only in my lower back and core area, but also in most other areas of my body. I have no doubt this extended my career by years".

Adam Griffiths
Professional Football Player

“I like to use yoga and AntiGravity® as extra recovery sessions during the week. I find it reduces my recovery time and prepares me for the rigorous training and competition involved in playing professional football.



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